Instant Payment Processing

Card Red provides continuous access to your accounts and available funds.  Funds available next day on most transactions and are accounted for via online cloud accounting protected by the strongest SSL encryption available.

Send Money Instantly

Select your source of funds, enter the amount and press send.  The funds are sent instantly to your destination at the speed of light.  No more waiting endlessly for your funds to be available to your distination.

Purchase Protection

Your purchases are protected by our iron clad guarantee of protection.  Feel safe that even if your accounts are stolen, we will protect you and your purchases.  If you lose your product simply call us and we will replace it instantly.

Innovative security

All access to the system are protected by the most robust security systems available in today's marketplace.  Our 24-7 attention to detail and digital protection systems are on the job for your security at all times.

Sending Payments

Sending money home?

We provide the most cost effective money transfer systems so that when you send money expect it to be there no matter where on earth you are sending it.  Fast effective transfer is always our first priority for you and your family.

Getting Paid

Get Paid Easily & Quickly

Offer invoices to your customers on virtually platform you want or fist your purpose.  Phones, Tablets, POS systems.  It is all available to you.  Wireless and secure, your choice.

What Our Customers Say

Tani Tondi

Simply the easiest way yet to send money or receive money I have ever used.  Totally intuitive and easy to use for anyone.

Kati Jerry

I cannot believe how easy it was for me to set this system up and have it ready to use for myself and my entire family.  Hurray!

Sana Sanhi

Why did I wait?  I had issues with nearly every payment system I have ever used.  Card Red took me by the hand and walk, done!

Reliable Partner

An all-in-one payments partner

We work and are integrated into most popular payment processing systems available today.


We are 24/7 available

Our network is always running and notwithstanding acts of God, our uptime is 99.9%.  Feel good about access always!